Awake My Soul

here's what passions me:

*continually striving for a heart of
brokenness and humility, and a desperation
for my Saviour

*a heart for other women like myself
who want to see the walls of darkness
fall down around us concerning
sexual purity, both in and outside of marriage

*a desire to be safe haven for my
beloved and to uplift him among men

*humility. in every area of my life.
a spirit of unselfishness, thoughtfulness,
a continual dying to self

*to raise my children in the fear of the Lord,
that they would take joy and delight in
the tiniest things in life

*striving to excel in the kitchen,
to brighten my culinary skills, and bless
others with a great meal

*to write exactly what is on my heart,
to express myself through pen,
and to be a blessing through my words

* that every moment of worship to my King
would be a reminder of what is to come
when we're flat on our face in His throne room