I am Jana Kay, aka, Bengali Mama. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my little corner! This is just a little piece of my heart, an area of passion and delight. May I share some? I take great joy in writing and creating. I love to formulate thoughts and stories in my head, and spill them out through words on paper. [in this case, the rhythmic typing of the keys] I also love very much to cook and be in the kitchen. I love flavor and spice, I love to read cook books and form recipes out of experimenting and tasting and tinkering with different flavor profiles. I guess if I had to stuff myself in some sort of culinary category, I would say I favor indian/asian fusions as well as good old comfort food as well. I want to be all over the spectrum, and I invite you to join me in my foodie adventures, please feel free to try the recipes and let me know what you think! I welcome words of wisdom and honeycomb, and I am an eager learner in how to perfect my craft. 

i also want to make it respectfully clear, that although i do draw inspiration from the world and people around me, my heart is not to write with an agenda aimed at one person in particular. this is my tiny place to process, to write freely without fear, and it is never expected that any one reads along [although it is my delight and pleasure if you choose to do so] if i do write hard and direct, i speak/preach to myself first, for i am the weakest of all, the lowliest of sinners. i hope you understand my heart, because i do recognize that some of my writings can be a bit tough, but again, i point the finger to myself first, and if anyone can relate or take heed alongside me, than i consider the hard writings worth it. by His grace.

All this to say, it is nothing without Jesus in me, through me, and being King on the throne in my heart. I love Him so much, and He gave me these passions and abilities in the first place, so I desire to please Him and offer these gifts to Him first.  If He chooses to use me to bless others, I am humbled and honored to do so. Thank you so much for giving me some time, and taking a look at what makes my heart beat. 

Peace and Blessings. 
-b mama