Love it

these are a few of my favorite things

::small minature baby things::

::all shades of the color green~clover, emerald, forest
sea, hunter..the list goes on::

::fresh flowers for me that come home
with my husband::

::making lists-Ha, who knew right?::

::coca cola in it's original glass bottle::

::going out to eat! It's quite the showdown between
Cooking in my own kitchen, or eating from a
Resturaunt kitchen. what are the kids calling that these days? a foodie? then consider me one of those::

:: coconut oil!!::


::our second home in San Diego, California.
eventually it will be our only home::

:: favorite fruits all start with P- peaches,
pineapple, pears, and pomegranate seeds,
oh, and i love apples too ::

:: oxford, england. it is a magical place,
the city of dreaming spires, full of
history, architecture, and worlds to be explored.
it has been an honor
to call this place home for a year::

:listening to sermons by myself while i get things
done around the house::

::collecting small perfume bottles, I love when the glass clinks together
and of course all the romantic aromas

::little brown children from Bangladesh::

::bengali and indian takeaway::

::the delightful sound of my son's laughter::

::vanilla coke. let's be real. anything coke related::

::when my tiny daughter gives me a big, toothless grin
and her eyes twinkle::

::sunday afternoon naps::

::cream tea, consists of tea, scones, clotted cream and jam..

::shaved legs. i say this because it's rarer than i like::

::hosting dinner parties, entertaining(I pretend
they're all angels)fellowship, and community,

::laughter, community, fellowship with loved ones::

::the small of freshly washed linenss on a
warm summer night::

:: traveling, most forms of transport, by plane, by train, by caravan::


::our beloved honeymoon spot, Isla Mujeras, we will be
headed there this summer (3rd time) to celebrate
5 years of joy::

::a challenging workout that leaves
me sore, but a couple pounds lighter::

::to be continued...::