Take a Look

This is my beautiful beloved family.

Nathan is my amazing husband and we've been married for 9 flourishing years. He is the most unselfish, kindest, most supportive man of God that I have ever met. He exemplifies Jesus to me in every day life. I am majorly in love with him and he is both my lover and my best friend.

Nathan is a mutigifted  prodigy and the Lord's kindness and generous favor rests on him mightily. He is currently working as a full time photographer shooting weddings, couples, families, and seniors. Check out his blog here: http://www.nathanenglishphotography.com/blog/ He also is very good at.. everything else. He is an adventurer, a humble leader in the church, a worship director, a musician, a writer, a theologian, a great debater, a teacher, a builder,  a counselor, a runner, an outdoorsman, and an amazing husband and dad. i really like him. i could not think more highly of him.

Benjamin Michael is our son and he is 8 years old. He is full of delight and life and he brings us incredible joy. It is so fun watching him grow and learn at such a whirlwind pace- we are so honored God called us to be parents. Ben loves to read and write books [maybe i'm rubbing off on him just a teeny bit?], creating and inventing, he loves exploring and learning-his mind is brilliant and i am in awe of the brain God gave him because it works at such a faster pace than mine ever could. Benjamin is kind and considerate, he is polite and an excellent communicator. i admire and adore my son very much.

The little pale ale is Norah Komali. She is 6 years old, and she is very sweet, sassy and full of delight. She is sharp, passionate, and full of affection. She arrived in a whirlwhind, and I have a feeling things will not slow down anytime soon..Norah is brave and is willing to try anything, she isn't afraid of failure. She is resilient and strong. She is a dancer, a singer, and loves girly things.

We added another little bundle of joy, the first of march to be exact. Olive Anandi is our third born and she has brought much peace and life to our family. she is 3,  years old and we are so thankful for her. Olive talks a lot,  full of jokes and mischief. she gives lots of hugs and kisses freely and loves to wrestle, participate in an endless amount of tea parties, and wants to grow up to be a mother someday..

oh, and it seems we keep on adding, but don't have the pictures to prove it! We welcomed our fourth child, a sweet baby boy named Ari Andrew. For this son we prayed. and prayed. and prayed! and God graciously answered! Ari came fashionable late, over a week past the due date, and popped out healthy and strong. his name means lion, brave, and his middle name means courageous. we pray he lives out his name for the glory of God.

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