Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cashew Power Bowl

here is my power bowl for today. i am so excited to be eating healthier and get an actual grip on my food problem. With Christ, i can make better choices, dig out bad habits, and choose to honor Him with the way i care for my temple, both the inside and the outside. I want to worship and bring God glory through the simplicity of caring for my one body i am given here on earth. 

in other news, this is the second day i have been able to finally wear contact lenses!! it's like i am person seeing for the first time! i am so thankful and joyful!! I don't ever want to take the gift of being able to wear these for granted! i kept praising God all the way to dropping my son off to school! 

I went to my last eye appointment and i met with a new doctor, i think her name was Dr. Huisenga and she was so wonderful! Helpful, kind, attentive. She was able to examine my eyes, my vision, and help navigate where i go from here post traumatic eye surgery:) She fit me for new contact lenses and gave me a new glasses prescription. I cannot express how excited i am. i am back to soft lenses which do so well for me, as they are so comfortable, soft and i can barely feel them! I have stuck with hard lenses for most of my contact life, but they are scratchy and gritty and i was getting tired of them. 

As far as my glasses, my old ones seem to be tired too. they are lopsided and loose on my face, too big and bulky-i was trying to venture in new hippy territory but i don't think they were really the best fit for me-and i was also seeing double and not able to align both my eyes. YIKES. i totally have an awkward googly eye, but Dr. Huisenga says hopefully that can be corrected with these new contacts as well as getting fit for new glasses that actually have a more accurate alignment of where my vision is..

i'll get to the vegetable bowl! Fun to use all the colors, it really just brings me pure delight to play with all these colors! i can't wait till all these vegetables are used up so i can go explore the produce and find more that i have't tried yet!!

Cashew Power Bowl:

Shaved Red carrot, 2
cherry tomatoes 
red radish, sliced
green onion, chopped
purple cabbage, finely chopped
a handful of cashews, toasted stove top
a scant drizzle of roasted garlic italian dressing 

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