Monday, December 1, 2014

[Top Ten Favorite Things]-intangible version

I grabbed this idea from Courtney at Women Living Well blog, she is full of wisdom and beauty. Go check her out if you get a chance. She jotted down a list of ten favorites that "don't have a price tag" and i thought how fitting, this goes along well with my continual strive for a spirit of thanksgiving and gratefulness, to view life and all it holds as a gift. So, i am taking the time to jot down my own list of "things" that i love and take such joy in that aren't exactly materiel things. 

the vibrant sun beaming through my kitchen window, inspiring me to clean and bring the home to a sparkly glory

the sound of three different laughters overheard on the monitor, this means all three of my little ones are camped in baby girl's bed and they are having a party up there

sunday afternoons with no agenda, just spent the morning fellowshipping and worshipping with other believers, being fed the Word of God by our master teacher, and we are together as a family, usually find somewhere tasty to lunch and i love that time together. I love sundays as a whole.

the scratchy stubble and flash of fuzzy red fur that belongs to the chin of my husband as he playfully buries himself in my neck

the heaviness and warmth of thick blankets on top of me, the air still and crisp every night.

natural light that brings life to each room it peeks into

all of us riding in the van, no particular place we have to be

the sound of the front door being wrestled open late in the day, indicating dad is done with work for the day!

our family sitting down at the dinner table, eating, laughing, milk being spilled[im sure] the smells of food cooked with love, cups never dry, and our little community sharing a meal

the anticipation and excitement of getting ready for a date with my husband. I love getting prettified for him, losing the sweatpants and floppy messy bun, and putting on heels and a sharp outfit. Love the methodical steps of putting on makeup, curling my hair, and his eyes, oh how his eyes light up when he sees me when i'm finished. his eyes alone are worth the little pocket of time for me to try and be beautiful for him. and he is so good at making me feel just that.

when my tiniest daughter looks at me with expressive eyes as i nurse her and cuddle her close. we make funny faces and she breaks the latch to give me a big toothy grin and then resumes her slurping. that time is coming to an end as she is growing rapidly and transitioning, but what a treasure to have had the nursing season i did.

the sound of the dishwasher running. means cleaning has been done and rest is on its way.

the color purple, emerald, and gold.

Pinterest. I love spending time on pinterest. It is so fun and relaxing and i just love it. 

i know that was more than 10 but i'm gonna go ahead and do what ever i want:) 

one more. plunging my toes in long slender hunter boots and the small but significant delight i get when wearing them. 

I love the smell, use, and texture, taste, flavor, natural remedy of COCONUT OIL

playing and singing with my baby ukulele.

words words words. I love words spoken in love, in encouragement, used to uplift, edify, and strengthen ones character and worth in Christ.

i love writing.

i love cooking. I love being in my kitchen and the joy and refreshment it brings me to use creativity, all 5 senses, and trial and error to bring a new dish to life, and then promptly, to the mouth.

I love hospitality. I love opening my home to one, to all, to leave them with full hearts and stomachs, and to still want to come back:)

ok, maybe this was my top 22..there's plenty more where that came from:)

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