Friday, March 25, 2011

Decadent Pear Sangria

Pears have always been one of my favorite fruits, especially when they are super ripe, and practically melt in my mouth with every bite. I also love sangria. Red or white wine, fresh fruit marinated the night before, and topped with sparkling champagne, or ginger ale.-so why not combine the two?

I put together a pear sangria because that's what I had on hand, and I've never made it before. I've been thinking about it a lot, pulled out some recipe books, and began to search online for various drink ideas-but my ridiculous internet derailed me from doing so because of the lack of speed and efficency. It just so happens that I stumbled across wireless internet, a website that assists in answering all those questions concerning internet and I even considering changing my internet provider right than and there. Alas, all this for a helpful hint on sangria?! Fortunately, I came up with a recipe all my own, and since Sunday night a bunch of our friends coming over seemed like a perfect time to share it.

The fast speedy flawless internet will have to wait another day.

We all enjoyed a glass or two with juicy burgers made Red Robin style and the night was thoroughly enjoyed. The countdown to summer is getting smaller and smaller!

you'll need:

1 bottle of white wine-i used Pinot Grigio, but any crisp white wine will do
2 ripe pears, chopped into cubes
2-3 freshly squeezed limes (if you're using the tiny baby ones like I did, other
wise a normal size lime will do)
1 half orange, sliced into circles (about 2-3 rings)
1 bottle of ginger ale

In a large glass pitcher, mix in wine, pears, juice of limes, and orange slices. Refrigerate overnight.
Just before serving, add in ginger ale so bubbles don't fall flat.
Garnish pitcher with extra frozen pear cubes, lime rings, or an extra orange ring or two.
Serves plenty.

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Eve said...

Um, yes! Sounds delightful....I'll be right over (I wish)! :)